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A bicycle accident can be devastating—even if you are wearing proper safety gear and following every law.

But recent changes in Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Law can drastically reduce the compensation a cyclist can receive after being struck by a motor vehicle. The Sigal Law Firm is here to help you.

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We’re Here to Help You Get What You Need to Heal

More people are riding their bicycles every day. That means more cyclists sharing the road with more cars and the results have been predictable: the number of deaths from bicycle accidents increased 37% in the last 10 years, even as the number of preventable nonfatal injuries has gone down by 40%.

A close call or “little scrape” that a driver might not even notice can leave a cyclist with life-altering injuries. Meanwhile, recent changes in Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Law have drastically reduced the protections available to a cyclist who has been injured by a motor vehicle. In many cases, insurance companies have become gatekeepers to medical care—and that gate can slam shut very quickly, leaving an injured cyclist in a desperate situation.

Working with Your Personal Injury Attorney

Your lawyer is here to unlock that gate, so you can get what you need to heal. That process begins with your first phone call to us. You’ll speak to a qualified lawyer that day and have an opportunity to explain the the basics of your situation:

What happened? When and where?
What injuries, pain, suffering, and loss have you endured?
What has it all cost you?
What steps have you taken—if any—and what were the outcomes?

We’ll then lay out the entire legal process in plain language, including the benefits you’re entitled to from all parties involved. If you decide to move forward with your case, we’ll schedule an in-depth meeting at your convenience. That may be at your home, at our office, via phone or video conference—whatever works for you. During this talk you will have an opportunity to discuss every detail.

Once you sign retainer documents, the Sigal Law Firm will officially be your legal representation. At that point, we can begin finding solutions for your most immediate problems. That includes working on your behalf to resolve any issues over medical billing and missed work and to secure you appropriate medical treatment.

There are no consultation or retainer fees while your case is active. We will be paid a percentage of the compensation you receive once the matter is settled. In the meantime, we work to make sure you get the medical treatment and support you need without delay.

We’re Here to Help.

Our number one goal is to help everyone who comes through our door. Do you need help? Call us today.

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