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More than a third of American households own dogs.

They are constant companions to many of us—which can make a dog attack all the more traumatic. If you’ve been injured by a dog or if your dog has bitten someone, you can quickly find yourself tangled in a legal nightmare.

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Michigan is one of many states that holds a dog owner liable for dog bites. Michigan’s dog bite law has a “strict liability” statute. That means the dog owner is automatically liable, even if the dog has never acted aggressively before. But there are a few exceptions. The owner may not be held responsible if the injured person was found to have been provoking the dog, or had no lawful right to be in the location where the incident happened. [MCL section 287.351]

One important wrinkle: Michigan law specifically talks about “dog bites,” not other injuries. If a dog hurts someone without biting them (for example, knocking them down), this statute (and the automatic liability) doesn’t apply. But that dog’s owner can still be found liable for negligence, if the court determines that they failed to use “reasonable care” in keeping control of their dog.

Obviously, most dog owners will build their defense on either claiming their dog was provoked, the injured party was trespassing, or they took all reasonable measures to control the dog. Meanwhile, someone injured by a dog will argue that they didn’t provoke the dog, had a right to be where they were, and the owner failed to keep the animal in check.

Given how easily these cases can devolve into he-said-she-said, talking to a lawyer early on proves critical.

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