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Medical Provider Representation

When an insurer is slow to pay medical bills, healthcare providers are placed in a terrible bind: they can continue treatment without compensation or interrupt treatment and jeopardize their patient’s progress. Sigal Law is here to resolve medical provider payment issues as smoothly as possible.

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Ensuring Healthcare Providers are Compensated

Since 2010, Sigal Law Firm has fought to protect accident victims and the medical care providers who treat them. A vital part of this is making sure that medical care providers are promptly and fully compensated.

In the course of representing clients injured in motor vehicle accidents, we’ve worked with all types of medical professionals: chiropractors, physical therapists, surgery centers, surgeons, imaging facilities, pain management doctors, and so on.

We’ve found that medical providers are often unaware that, according to Lakeland Neurocare Centers v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (2002), both the injured parties and healthcare providers are “entitled to attempt enforcement of the penalty interest provision of the no-fault act” in Michigan. These penalties were put in place by the Michigan legislature to create “a legitimate and enforceable incentive to no-fault insurers to perform their payment obligations … in a reasonable and prompt manner.” Their purpose was to prevent interruption of patient care so that people injured in an auto accident are caused no additional suffering.

In practical terms, this means that healthcare providers are able to recover both full payment for the medical services provided plus interest when insurers delay. Providers are also entitled to full reimbursement for any attorney fees associated with compelling insurance companies to pay.

Navigating Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance Act

Sigal Law Firm’s team of attorneys is extremely conversant with the processes and regulations associated with Michigan’s No-Fault Act. In fact, members of the Sigal Law Firm team regularly teach other professionals how to navigate Michigan’s No-Fault Act at the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) annual No Fault Institute, the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE), and the Brain Injury Association of Michigan (BIAMI).

Sigal Law Firm specializes in claims under the Michigan No-Fault Act and are experienced coordinators of legal action for both healthcare/medical service providers and their patients. Over the years, we’ve adopted a relationship-building approach (instead of being unnecessarily adversarial). This has allowed us to mediate wisely, find common ground, and cut through the noise of multi-party litigation to find the best solutions quickly—often reaching high-value results for patients and their providers.

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