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One out of every five slip-and-fall accidents results in serious injury, such as a broken bone. These accidents seem very straightforward—but can have extremely unfair outcomes. The Sigal Law Firm is here to protect your interests and make sure you are taken seriously and treated with dignity.

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We’re Here to Help You Get Fairly Compensated by Negligent Property Holders

Even if you aren’t injured in a slip and fall, you may suffer property damage. In the State of Michigan, you are entitled to compensation for both property damage and personal injury resulting from a property owner’s negligence.

But because Michigan is a state that recognizes the possibility of “shared fault,” these cases can be tricky. “Shared fault” means that, in a trial, the property owner and their attorney will have an opportunity to argue that you are at least partially at fault for what happened. Very frequently, they’ll argue that the danger was obvious or that they took “reasonable steps” to protect visitors (like posting signs or cones around the hazard). Depending on circumstances, a property owner might successfully argue that you share fault because you were someplace visitors aren’t allowed or expected (such as a machine room or back office), were wearing inappropriate footwear for the circumstances, or that you were distracted by your phone or otherwise not paying sufficient attention to keep yourself safe.

In a shared fault situation, even if the property holder is found to be primarily to blame, the court still reduces your compensation based on your share of responsibility. For example, if you slip on an icy sidewalk on the way to an interview, injure your knee, and drop your laptop, the court may determine that the property holder (or their insurance) only has to cover 50% of the replacement cost and medical bills, because your dress shoes weren’t appropriate to the weather conditions that day.

In some situations, Michigan’s “modified comparative negligence” statute can drastically decrease your total compensation: if you are found to be more than 50% at fault, you are barred from receiving any “non-economic damages” (i.e., “compensation for pain and suffering”).

Working with an Attorney

Even if you don’t ever go to court, Michigan’s shared fault rules will impact your compensation. That’s because insurance companies and property owners’ attorneys know that, if the matter goes to court, your possible share of responsibility will be used to reduce your compensation. They will reduce their settlement offer accordingly during negotiations.

Given the adversarial nature of slip-and-fall disputes, having a good attorney there to argue your side is critical. We are ready to guide you through this system. That process begins with your first phone call to us. You’ll speak to a qualified lawyer that day and have an opportunity to explain what happened.

We’ll then lay out the entire legal process in plain language and give you our honest professional assessment of the merits of your case.
If you decide to move forward with your case, we’ll schedule an in-depth conversation at your convenience. That may be at your home, atour office, via phone or video—whatever works for you. During this talk you will have an opportunity to discuss every detail.

Once you sign retainer documents, the Sigal Law Firm will officially be your legal representation. At that point, we can begin finding solutions for your most immediate problems. That includes working on your behalf to resolve any issues over medical billing, missed work, and so on.

Most importantly, there are no consultation or retainer fees. We are paid a percentage of the compensation you receive once the matter is settled. In the meantime, we work to make sure you get the support you need without delay.

We’re Here to Help.

Our number one goal is to help everyone who comes through our door. Do you need help? Call us today.

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