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Sigal Law Helps an Auto Accident Victim Recover Over $1,000,000

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A client came to the Sigal Law Firm more than eight months after an auto accident. He had been the passenger in a vehicle that was struck when another driver ran a stop sign. The collision crushed the passenger side of the vehicle, seriously injuring the client and leaving him unable to work.

There was never any question about who was at fault in the case: the man was a passenger, and the other driver had broken the law. But because he had been injured in a previous accident, the insurance company claimed that the client’s current injuries were part of a “pre-existing condition” that they did not cover.

They would not pay for his medical treatment. Because the client’s insurance company wasn’t paying his medical bills and he could not work due to his injuries from the collision, he had no hope of paying his doctors out-of-pocket. As a result, his doctors began canceling his appointments (sadly, this is the norm: if payment stops, treatment stops). It felt like the beginning of a vicious cycle: unable to earn money until he’s recovered; unable to recover because he has no money to pay for medical treatment.

He hired one attorney who was unable to make any progress. He then brought in a new law firm, but they dropped the case. Finally, eight months after his accident, he was referred to the Sigal Law Firm.

The attorneys at the Sigal Law Firm immediately helped the client find doctors that would treat him on a lien. Our attorneys then dug into the tangled insurance situation and demonstrated that several different insurers were obligated to pay for this man’s medical needs. Once we got payments flowing to our client’s original doctors, he was able to return to his initial treatment plan and progress in his recovery.

Ultimately, after two years of legal wrangling,we forced the insurance company to pay him over $1,000,000. This compensated the man for lost wages, pain and suffering, and covered all of his medical treatment and support as he healed.

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