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Kim Chang


Kim Chang, works in the firm’s medical records and billing department. Kim’s journey in the legal field is a testament to her commitment and passion for meticulousness. Specializing in medical records and billing, she ensures that crucial information is is received and is accurately documented, playing a crucial role in the legal process.

In her personal life, Kim finds immense joy in traveling, exploring diverse cultures, and savoring new experiences. As a proud mother of three daughters, her nurturing and caring nature extends beyond her professional role. She’s been happily married to her supportive partner, Ceeb Chang, for over 15 years, showcasing the strength of love and partnership.

Music is a cornerstone of Kim’s life, and she finds solace and excitement in attending concerts. Lavender, her favorite color, embodies her love for tranquility and grace. A collector at heart, she adores gathering mugs, each one representing a unique memory or place she has visited during her travels.

Before embarking on her paralegal journey, Kim devoted 10 years to being a stay-at-home mom, nurturing and shaping the lives of her children. Coffee is a constant companion, fueling her days and inspiring her as she navigates her dual role as a paralegal and a devoted mother.

A beautiful aspect of Kim’s identity is her proficiency in speaking Hmong, a testament to her rich cultural heritage and the values she holds dear. Her multilayered personality and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable member of our team, seamlessly blending her professional excellence with her love for life and family.