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More than any other area of the law, personal injury cases can be tricky to navigate smoothly. These are complicated cases that take years to resolve. A settlement may look good initially, but hide unfavorable conditions. A finding in your favor might leave room for the responsible party to slip free of their obligations. The lawyers at the Sigal Law Firm are here to make sure you are treated fairly.

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I was in a 3 car accident involving a Semi truck and obtained multiple injuries. My insurance company tried to scam their way out of having the responsibility due to a mistake made on their part when starting my insurance. Just when I thought I wouldn’t get a dollar, Sigal Law was able to settle with the defense to still get the money that I deserved. I truly appreciate the hard work you all did to help me to get my settlement and for helping to walk me through this process.

– Yvonne

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Sigal Law Helps an Auto Accident Victim Recover Over $1,000,000

A client came to the Sigal Law Firm more than eight months after an auto accident. He had been the passenger in a vehicle that was struck when another driver ran a stop sign. The collision crushed the passenger side of the vehicle, seriously injuring the client and leaving him unable to work. There was never any question about who was at fault in the case: the man was a passenger, and the other driver had broken the law. But because he had been injured in a previous accident, the insurance company claimed that the client’s current injuries were part …
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Since 2010, the Sigal Law Firm has been fighting to make sure that injured people (and those who help them heal) are fairly compensated. Mounting a legal challenge can be a long road, but we do not back down and we don’t stop fighting for your best interests.

Everyone who comes through our door gets three promises:

  • We will make sure everyone treats you with dignity and takes your concerns seriously.
  • We will make sure you always understand what is happening with your case.
  • We will do everything in our power to get you the justice you deserve.
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