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Our Values

At the Sigal Law Firm – Injury Lawyers, we are guided by three core values:

We value fairness—and fight to make sure everyone is treated fairly under the law. We value human life and believe in defending every person’s dignity, health, and safety. And we value you as an individual.

Our Number One Goal is to Help Everyone Who Comes Through Our Door

No one wants to call an attorney. If you’re coming to us, it’s because something serious has happened, and you need help.

Unfortunately, the American legal system can be extremely unfair. Many individual laws, as well as the way the legal system works on a daily basis, favor insurance companies over the people who have been injured. You may have purchased insurance coverage in good faith. But when you really need it, you discover that you’ve fallen into a gap in your policy. Or you could be entirely blameless, the victim of another person’s poor planning, carelessness, or recklessness. That’s not right.

At Sigal Law Firm – Injury Lawyers, we take this personally. We all have loved ones who’ve been hurt by a legal system that does not treat everyone equally. We’ve seen members of our own communities devastated by terrible luck. As a result, we each have a deep, personal commitment to making sure that everyone is treated fairly and compensated properly.

Everyone deserves a safe, healthy, full life. When some event shatters your health and safety—or insults your dignity—it’s an injury to all of us. It should be honestly addressed and fully remedied.

We’re here to listen, to help you understand all of your rights and options, and to find you a path to the best possible outcome for you.


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Our number one goal is to help everyone who comes through our door. Do you need help? Call us today.
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