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Maysaa Hijazi


Maysaa Hijazi is a remarkable litigation paralegal, whose dedication and passion resonate deeply within the realm of legal proceedings. As a wife and a proud mother of three children, Maysaa showcases her exceptional multitasking abilities, balancing the demands of a challenging profession and the joys of family life. Her commitment to the intricacies of litigation reflects her unwavering determination to ensure fairness and uphold the law.

In the world beyond litigation, Maysaa finds solace and energy in her love for coffee, which she playfully describes as an addiction. As a proud Lebanese individual, she embodies the rich heritage and culture of her roots, embracing the traditions and warmth of the Lebanese community. Football is a shared enthusiasm in her household, where the spirited cheers for her favorite teams echo through the family on game days. Maysaa’s love for the sport amplifies the joy and togetherness she experiences with her loved ones. Balancing her professional excellence and personal passions, Maysaa Hijazi is a testament to the power of dedication and the beauty of a well-rounded life.