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Brittany Dawod


Brittany Dawod is a dedicated and experienced litigation paralegal at Sigal Law Firm. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for justice, Brittany plays a crucial role in supporting the legal team, ensuring that all cases are meticulously prepared and managed. Outside of her professional life, Brittany cherishes moments spent with her family, valuing the strong bonds and support system they provide. An avid traveler, she loves exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, and creating lasting memories on her journeys. Proud of her heritage, Brittany actively engages with the Chaldean community, celebrating traditions and fostering connections within her cultural roots.

Health and fitness are important to Brittany, and she enjoys practicing Pilates, which helps her maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, Brittany expresses her creativity and passion for beauty by doing makeup on weekends, helping others look and feel their best. Her multifaceted interests and dedication to her profession make her a valued member of the Sigal Law Firm team. Brittany’s diverse background and commitment to excellence in both her professional and personal life bring a unique and vibrant energy to the firm.